The analysis in addition to shows several socially developed variations

New semantic choice both for nouns include terms to own relevant disciplines; character traits; elite group official certification; version of really works; work environments; and products about the fresh profession. The female noun is obtainable in a few certain work environments kepted for feminine chefs (parish home), and it also seems with procedures one generally speaking require all the way down official certification (cleaner). The brand new male mode, on top of that, can also be consider an effective ship’s cook; it’s with greater regularity demonstrated undoubtedly (excellent, trained); which is have a tendency to of competitions (area, cluster, competition).

Some less common collocators (logDice under eight, span +/-5 terminology) of your own feminine noun include eroticna (‘erotic’), nezna (‘gentle’), carobna (‘magic’), oblecena (‘dressed’), and you can ljubezen (‘love’)

B-IV Maserka/maser (masseuse/masseur; 5step 12/1,216 attacks from inside the FidaPLUS v2): The newest SSKJ2 spends the same meaning for both versions: “a woman/person who expertly massage treatments”. Term Design listings certain repeated premodifiers such as tajska (‘Thai’), spretna (‘skilful’), izurjena (‘trained’), prikupna (‘cute’), diplomirana (‘graduate’); verbs zmasirati (‘massage’), obdelovati (‘do’); and you can nouns maser (‘a masseur’), aromaterapevtka (‘an aromatherapist’), fizioterapevtka (‘a physiotherapist’), psihologinja (‘a psychologist’), serviser (‘a repairman’), sestra (‘a nurse’), roka (‘a hand’), an such like. The latest corpus also contains the brands regarding really-known recreations masseuses. The content for the male mode are different. Based on Term Drawing, an excellent masseur was tajski (‘Thai’), izsolan (‘educated’), izurjen (‘skilled’), izkusen (‘experienced), usposobljen (‘trained’), ukrajinski (‘Ukrainian’),

The differences is going to be imagined from the terminology discussing individual qualities and look (cute), and in corpus hits related to sensual massage treatments – eg collocators co-are present for the feminine means and you may attest into often perceived sexualization of one’s job

profesionalen (‘professional’), and you can priznan (‘renowned’), yet not prikupen (‘cute’). The most prevalent verbs alongside maser were pregnete (‘knead’), gladi (‘stroke’), masira (‘massage’); it co-happen towards the nouns eg pediker (‘a pedicurist’), fizioterapevt (‘a physiotherapist’), mehanik (‘a mechanic’), kozmeticarka (‘a beautician’), serviser (‘a repairman’), psiholog (‘a psychologist’), zdravnik (‘a doctor’), and trener (‘a coach’). The most widespread attacks do not through the adjective eroticni (‘erotic’). At the same time, the brand new masculine noun is far more common from the areas out of sport and you may medicine.

The semantic choice common from the both masculine and women nouns is identified within the expressions pertaining to top-notch certification; regular situations; and comparable professions.

B-V Cistilka/cistilec (‘female/men cleaner’; step one,950/1,767 hits inside FidaPLUS v2): Phrase Outline lists the feminine setting that have adjectives for example optimisticna (‘optimistic’), pridna (‘hard-working’), bosanska (‘Bosnian’), priljubljena (‘popular’), mlada (‘young’); verbs eg pospravljati (‘tidy up’), zboleti (‘fall ill’), prezivljati (‘support’), pobirati (‘pick up’), cistiti (‘clean’), zaposliti (’employ’); nouns because cistilec (‘a cleaner’), kuharica (‘a cook’), vrtnarka (‘a gardener’), zaposlitev (employment), placa (‘a salary’), and you may ciscenje (cleaning). The most widespread collocators (logDice more than 7, duration +/-5 terms and conditions) tend to be words for example Fata (a female Bosnian title), Klikk her for ГҐ finne ut mer sobarica (‘a chambermaid’), and you can hisnik (‘a caretaker’). This new masculine noun most often really stands near to terms you to recommend that it describes cleaning appliances: visokotlacni (‘high-pressure’), kemicni (‘chemical’), parni (‘steam’), vakuumski (‘vacuum’), etc. Not all collocators relate to someone, age.g. a phrase about corpus claims you to definitely a shop is actually “intended for elite and you will novice [male] cleaners, together with housewives”. The fresh new co-taking place verbs are izobrazevati (‘educate’), cistiti (‘clean’), zaposliti (’employ’), as the nouns become smetar (‘a trash collector’), vzdrzevalec (‘a maintenance worker’), cistilnica (‘a laundry shop’), kuhar (‘a cook’), natakar (‘a waiter’), traktor (‘a tractor’), andprah (dust).

Considering the semantic taste, we can finish it surrounds terms dealing with personality traits; regular things associated with cleanup; and equivalent disciplines that require down certificates. New associative meaning of the feminine noun is seen in the new hits that encompass the fresh collocators bosanska (Bosnian) and Fata (a stereotypical women

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