When a couple of feminine meet each other it resentfully evaluate one another out, starting with the shoes, of course

I have already been located in Medellin now for an entire times, although almost always there is a game regarding people, the brand new dynamic is much other during the Medellin (and all Colombia).

For people who ask very someone (actually Colombians), they’re going to joyfully point out that the most amazing female come from Medellin and you can Cali.

When i earliest arrived in Medellin, my personal shoulder was aching out-of appearing remaining and you will close to the the wonderful women into roads.

Once a single day was more, I didn’t irritate thinking about all of the feminine because I knew there is on the second highway.

Disclaimer: That isn’t every woman in the Colombia but my personal perception away from many of them in the first month that we was in fact here.

Race Between Women

They ask both questions that they will not worry just what the clear answer try and place up with one another when they need certainly most beautiful Cagayan de oro women to.

Colombian society would depend heavily toward appearance this is exactly why they is just one of the surgery treatment capitals worldwide; nostrils operate, liposuction, boob work, and you can sure, even ass jobs. Difficult Buns somebody?

Don’t be Bashful

In most countries, women are most timid. They don’t really make the very first flow and constantly predict this new dudes to accomplish the first method.

You’ll find always exceptions, the only towns I have already been where women are very forward and you can competitive (it strategy first) are located in New york city and you will European countries.

When you find yourself out at the a club otherwise pub, they’ll really take the time and work out visual communication and sustain doing this unless you method them.

They often have fun with words and phrases which make the latest manliest out of guys need to change good Colombian on a homemaker (kidding.. form of).

Ladies are most approachable, so there is not any have to let your insecurity handle you. If you would like a lady, increase and talk to her, there is certainly a beneficial ninety% chance she will just like your team.

Basic Schedules & Gender Jobs

The fresh debate is offered if you should kiss for the date that is first or perhaps not. From inside the Colombia, every woman which i have asked says one to kisses towards date that is first don’t usually takes place.

Whatever they you should never explore is that if you really have white-skin, light vision and are usually considered as Gringo since an excellent Ford F-150, then you will hug to your first date. For those who didn’t know, Gringo are Queen from inside the Colombia.

They’re not probably going to be trying to find your for people who believe a first day to provide personal songs regarding back chair of your own auto. It be prepared to be studied aside and you can found an enjoyable experience.

Disclaimer: They don’t make an effort to end up being Beyonce “separate female” condition in Medellin, women are earliest pens designed and you may anticipate you to pay. Yes, including their taxi journey family.

Phone calls & Texts

The best way to collaborate is via traditional phone calls, otherwise my personal favorite, MSN Live messenger (and you may much more, Twitter or Skype).


The fresh new environment inside Medellin is close to an equivalent in the whole 12 months. Medellin is based near the Equator, while having is during a valley hence results in the ceaseless Spring-such weather.

Women can be constantly using trousers once they day. Shoes are a zero-zero except if, we want to be considered a visitor when you look at the Medellin.

So there, you really have they women’s and you may men! Laws of the video game made available to your of the a person who only has been here per week! Or even trust the one thing in this article, I would encourage you to go to Medellin.

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